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TMJ & TMD Dentist

Elevate Oral Health With TMJ-TMD Treatment In East York

Do you feel a headache or jaw pain while waking up in the morning? At Leaside Village Dental, we diagnose your TMD or TMJ condition and provide treatments or lasting relief. If you are experiencing discomfort and pain in the jaw joint, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Sohila Methani. We are your nearby dentist who can improve your dental health with cutting-edge TMJ and TMD dentistry. Get in touch with our team at call (647) 697-3379 to schedule your appointment for TMJ/TMD treatment in East York, ON. 

How Severe Is TMJ/TMD Disorder?

TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) severity varies widely among individuals. While some experience mild discomfort or occasional jaw clicking, others endure chronic pain, limited jaw movement, and even debilitating symptoms. Factors influencing severity include underlying causes like misalignment, bruxism (teeth grinding), arthritis, or trauma. Stress and poor posture can exacerbate symptoms. Ignoring symptoms may worsen the condition, leading to more severe pain and dysfunction over time. 

Early intervention with conservative treatments like jaw exercises, lifestyle modifications, and dental appliances can mitigate symptoms and prevent progression to severe stages. Consulting our dentist is crucial for proper diagnosis and tailored management.

How Severe Is TMJ/TMD Disorder?

Know that it’s time to consult our dentist when you start experiencing the following, which indicates TMJ or TMD disorder. 

  • Jaw pain or stiffness, especially in the mornings
  • Difficulty or discomfort while chewing or opening mouth wide
  • Clicking, popping, or grinding sounds when moving your jaw
  • Frequent headaches, earaches, or neck pain without a clear cause
  • Unexplained tooth sensitivity or worn-down teeth from grinding

Visit Our Dentist For Swift Relief From TMJ/TMD Condition

Don’t ignore any signs that indicate potential jaw joint disorders! Issues with temporomandibular joint can affect your dental health and prevent you from having a confident smile. Contact us at Leaside Village Dental and get the care you need to minimize the impact of TMD or TMJ. Dr. Methani and her team are here to offer effective, safe TMJ-TMD dentistry in East York. 

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